I feel like I was beyond prepared. My professor gave us more than enough time and preparation to present. We had time to create the project and a practice presentation in class. It turned out great for me. I liked the CSW because I started off with just one person asking me 100 questions and me explaining them all to like 7 people at one time asking questions and we had done so much research on our projects that it was just easy for me to answer them all. At first it took about 5 minutes for the first person to come look at my project then people were just coming and going and asking questions. I like that everybody go at the same time because I have stage fright. Something I’d do different is be more creative with my project. People thought it was creative but not to me. I have no suggestions to improve preparation because we prepare all semester long and are warned on the first day of class about the big CSW presentation. I liked it overall. I’m not a fan of attention but in my area I was the main event and even people presenting were even asking questions. It was cool, I’m just not creative at all and could’ve done much better if I would’ve put more effort into and maybe spent some many because I didn’t spend a penny on mine.


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