IMG_3446I prefer to write a research paper rather than some digital or kind of creative thing. I’m not creative at all and I hate art. Writing isn’t that hard plus you can get people to edit it and give suggestions, unlike doing a project because when you’re done with you’re project nobody is going to want to take it back apart just to edit 2 things. I’m not creative at all so my biggest challenge was simply finding what I want to do. My audience will be football players and their families and the situation is basically informing people about how unsafe football is for the brain and thoughts about making it safer. The most important points are to the brain injuries that are most crucial, players who’ve died from it, and ways to make the game more safe. The purpose is to make it as safe as possible without making the sport boring. Kairos, pathos, ethos, and logos. All of them because who’s going to care if its old, it has to be logical and credible for them to believe me, and I have to use emotions to persuade them into joining in on making a difference. I used a poster board, with pictures and different backgrounds on the text and font to help my audience see that the different colors mean different things. I chose this because it was affordable, I’m not creative so I didn’t know what else to do, and I wanted something easy, something that takes time but something that I wouldn’t get stressed and overwhelmed over either. I simply did what would impress me if I was viewing my project and knew me personally. I hate art so much. The only art I find cool is photography. Besides that, knowing that I hate art so much I feel that I did great. I guess I just simply lowered my standard and did pretty good.


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