I am going to do an interview, maybe even two of them but one for sure on a player who actually played football here at Eastern Michigan and see his perspective on y topic. I feel like this is best for my topic because only a football player would understand the hits we take, and the sacrificing blocks that we make to help the next player. The subject would be the person that I am interviewing. I haven’t got a complete understanding of exactly how it is going to be done but I know for sure it will get done. I am going to make sure I get a lot of questions to fully understand his perspective and make sure I let him know that he will be recorded and I would not like any crazy long paragraph answers because at the end I will be putting together a summary of all of his answers to my questions. I have also changed my thesis a little from overall injuries in football to more specifically brain injuries. I find the most information on this topic and all of my sources seem to pull me closer to this topic in general.


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