New technology and rules for the game of football is a huge topic due to many, many injuries and diagnoses later leading to death. This came to my attention and made me choose this as a topic to do research on because a few years ago my favorite linebacker Junior Seau died of a brain disease caused from concussions and brain trauma called CTE, which is a big problem with the game of football more specifically, the NFL. I’ve also had several concussions and knee injuries that actually caused me to step away from the game at Concordia University in Ann Arbor to benefit myself.  There’s also much controversy with this topic as well due to many football fans who prefer to watch football games from the past because there weren’t so many rules but people were being diagnosed with concussions left and right.

People also believe that there is no possible way to make the game more safe than what it already is. They believe that a safer sport would take the physicality, speed of players, and entertainment away from it. That is possible, but at the same time football has an end. It’s not a life long career and you have to do what’s best for you and your family. According to The Washington Post, football is the king of sports in the U.S. right now.  With college football just ending with the national championship and the NFL conference championships, Football is currently the most important sport in the United States due to the Super Bowl and that will be the most viewed event of the month of February. According to the Washington Post, 78% of Americans are either fans of football or family of a player from little league up to the NFL. So my audience would be readers of fans of football and families who feel that the game of football lacks safety. So from my position and my viewing of the game of football in the NFL, this is perfect timing.


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  1. za1dm says:

    Good background and personal experiences that connect well with the audience. Expand more on the controversy and try to be a little clearer. In the last two sentences, try to take out the “so” at the beginning of the sentences.


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