The challenges for me is that I haven’t been able to find enough journals on one website. I’ve gone to several different websites and most aren’t scholarly or not what I am looking for. Mine has to do with rules and technology to make football a safer sport, which I didn’t expect to be hard because I was pretty sure there are so many football fans trying to do the same thing, make the sport as safe as possible. But we also don’t want to take the entertainment away and the reason it is paying player millions and millions of dollars. I’m also new to the journal and database stuff so not only am I just learning how to do it, I have to actually do it at the same time, which sucks. My high school obviously sucked because they did not completely prepare me for college. But I am doing and getting the important facts out of it as well. I can find stuff about football but then is has nothing to do with the rules, technology or, safety. The main things that I need to succeed in this project. So It was easy for me to find sources but not my source as a whole. So I’m not getting many facts out of it.


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