My strategy was just thinking deeper and being descriptive and adding details. I started right after the 3 topics 5 questions assignment. At that point I knew what I wanted to write about and what my thesis would be. So I kept the same topic from the very beginning but I also thought about changing it but didn’t because I wanted to do something where I knew for a fact nobody else would even be close to doing. I developed my thesis from first finding the main questions and topic. Then I slimmed it down to one main thing without it being too broad. This may be crazy, but my biggest challenge was trying not to make it too long. I kept taking stuff out and backspacing. I deleted several entire paragraphs so that it wouldn’t be too long. I also felt like I was adding too much detail and being too descriptive, so I was backspacing because of that too. And also peer editing helped me delete a few things and add some things as well. It was easy to reach the length that it needed to be to turn it in. Like I said, I reached 5 pages easily and could’ve kept going till at least 7. I didn’t expect for the research to have that much detail that I could use and for more ideas to keep coming to me that fast.


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  1. Laura Kovick says:

    It sounds like you found the perfect topic to write about if you find you could just keep going and going. Eliminating extra words/paragraphs is a difficult thing to do, but it is often necessary.


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