Personally it’s fine to me. I always prefer the teacher to edit mine because I don’t trust everyone, mainly because they rather not hurt my feelings by saying, “this sucks,” or “this is horrible,” I rather them keep it real. I’ve never had a problem with it though, I just know my paper would be better if the teacher edited, especially since she’s the one grading. Then I would also be thinking like if they told me it was bad, I’d think like “bro you didn’t even understand it, get out of here,” that’s why I don’t like it. A student could also probably edit my paper and make it worse, that’s another reason I rather the teacher edit or I just read it out loud to myself & turn it in that way. Peer editing to me isn’t much help because they’re in the same class as me, what more do they know than me. So I honestly prefer that the person teaching & grading my assignment edits it or another teacher who teaches writing classes and know all about it & have earned them self. The only good thing I could say is that they could give you more ideas because we aren’t all thinking the same thing but we could have the same knowledge in the same topic. And kids also only do it because the teacher says so. So I’m not a fan of it. I prefer to just get better and make my way up to the writing level I should be at by editing myself and having professors edit it. 


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