Rhetoric is the art of persuasive or effective writing. We use rhetoric writing all the time for example, when we’re trying to have someone buy something, or have them do us a favor, or writing about a presidential campaign, and many more. We all want to be persuasive by stating facts and taking things to the next level to make it more effective. For example, Donald Trump. It seems that I nobody likes Donald Trump, he seems rude and uneducated to a lot of us, and seems like he wouldn’t be able to run an entire country, but somehow he still won. He used rhetoric writing in his speeches to persuade and have a large effect on a specific audience, and he did well enough to win the election. So rhetoric writing is an everyday thing for many of us. He fails at rhetoric writing at the same time with his social media due to how wacky he is. He destroys his ethos by saying literally whatever comes to his mind and not even reviewing it. Even with social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Many people are on the sites, tweeting, gramming, and, snapping to persuade us and make us believe that they are “The Next Big Thing”, by sharing funny videos & showing how talented they are in a video with a catchy caption to catch a certain audience’s attention by using emoji’s and other stuff. It’s Rhetoric writing. Those tweets, snaps, and grams are you writing and you sometimes don’t even know it. It’s a way of life and everyone uses it and doesn’t realize until they learn more and more on rhetoric writing. It’s all about the audience.


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